Cardio Mobile

Mobile electrocardiograph with touch screen

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Increasing the availability of medical services, including diagnostics, is one of the urgent tasks of modern Russian medicine. The problem of delays in examinations and, as a result, late stage diagnoses are especially characteristic of regions where there is still lack of qualified personnel, lack of modern high-tech diagnostic equipment and specialized medical institutions. The availability and timeliness of medical services is affected by the territorial factor: there are cases when ambulances have to travel tens of kilometers to the patient, the level of equipment and training does not allow for a full examination on the spot. One of the key aspects in addressing this issue is to provide a simple and reliable diagnostic equipment that does not require highly skilled personnel.

One of the main types of primary diagnosis cardiovascular activity is an electrocardiogram (ECG). ECG is usually performed by a specialist in a medical facility, but very often there is a need for an immediate study with interpretation of results, even before the patient is taken to a medical facility. It is not always the qualifications of the emergency physician is sufficient for the proper conduct and interpretation of the results on the spot.

Mobile electrocardiograph, Cardio Mobile significantly extends the functionality of traditional ECG monitors, making possible not only the conduct of medical research heart rhythm of the patient, but also allowing it to be used in scenarios that do not presuppose the availability of a highly qualified specialist near the patient. The ability to transmit and receive data over wireless communication channels, sound indication, voice alerts and instructions, the option of remote acceptance of the conclusions of decoding of ECG, touch-sensitive controls and an intuitive interface allow the ECG remotely without the involvement of a specialist: it is enough to place electrodes on the patient's body according to the instructions and switch the unit on. Filmed at the 12 conventional ECG leads can be sent to the specialist who will undertake its immediate decoding and provide a conclusion.


In Cardio Mobile record 12 conventional ECG leads with parallel and serial register readings stored in graphic or tabular form, ability to generate and email a report with an attached ECG, voice communication with the consultant or physician, multi-touch control and intuitive interface.


Cardio Mobile successfully passed state tests and have all required certificates. Mass-produced.


The main advantage of a portable electrocardiograph Cardio Mobile lies in its versatility and universality. In addition to traditional data collection ECG of the patient, the device allows you to generate reports and send them to your doctor promptly to decrypt ECG, recommendations and advice. An important advantage is the intuitive interface and convenient operation, which allows to use device personnel who do not have special skills like medical equipment.