The device for the study of cardiac rhythms

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According to statistics from the world health organization, diseases associated with disruption of the cardiovascular system, topped the list of most life-threatening pathologies, particularly among the elderly. That is why self-diagnosis of the cardiovascular system will be given significant attention from physicians. The device Pulstream allows you to independently and comfortably at home to conduct examination of the cardiovascular system with the control of basic parameters: heart rate, vascular resistance, vascular tone, and many others. It allows you to not only measure pulse, but also to monitor the dynamics of vascular disease, to control and regulate physical activity in sports, as well as to determine the General condition of the cardiovascular system.


The Pulstream allows you to measure parameters such as pulse rate, amplitude of cardiointervals, coefficient of variation, resistance and vascular tone, the time of maximum load. The device has a simple intuitive interface. The software allows to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of the cardiovascular system based on the analysis of the shape of pulse fluctuations. The measurement results are presented immediately in a graphical or text form. Simple and intuitive software allows you to use the device to persons without medical education.


The product is mass-produced and sold in Europe and Russia. Has all necessary certificates, conclusions and certificates.


The device is practical and easy to use. Everything you need to survey the actions of the patient can do on their own. The big advantage is non-invasiveness of the device. The Pulstream is completely safe, has no contraindications. The software has a simple and intuitive interface, the results of the survey are presented immediately after the procedure. The functionality of the device is only slightly inferior to professional medical standards and is sufficient in most cases, the price of the device is much lower.