Dear friends!

We all know that our pets are part of our family. Sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances and the pet is lost.

We are pleased to inform you that Flexibity team has launched a new social project based on Telegam service, focused on the search for the missing animals.

With @LostMyPetBot it won’t be difficult to you to place an order, add the photo and mark the place where you’ve lost your pet.

If you saw a lost animal on the street, then report to the bot, and he will notify the owner.

We hope that together we can develop this service and find our pets faster.

More about our bot.

To start chatting with the bot, send him a command /start.

Have you lost your pet? Use the command /lost.

Have you found someone else pet? Use /found.

Have you found your lost pet? Close your order with /closeorder.

Do you want to contact the developers? To do this, use the command /feedback.

To cancel any operation, use the command /cancel.

Hope You like it!