The solution for V2V short range communication

project image assembled product
project image demonstration on the map (2012 year)

FlexRoad technology is designed for wireless data transmission between moving objects on the basis of standard DSRC 802.11p mesh-network.


At the end of 2012 on Vasilevsky island (Saint-Petersburg) a demonstration of the possibilities of technology was done, During it where tested such features as "smart traffic lights", which switches the traffic signal for priority move of special and public transport, "smart stop", which shows information about waiting of the transport time for passengers, as well as "collision avoid", which warns drivers about car crashes.

"Flexroad will help to develop a unified system of wireless transmission of data throughout the city with the ability to connect public and commercial transport."
rector of the ITMO University Vladimir Vasiliev


The Implementation of this technology will allow fundamentally change of the intelligence of modern transport systems: implement warning of risk of car crashes, optimize the traffic flow, instant payment for parking, payment for toll roads without gates, reduce flow rate and etc.


Design and implementation of technical solutions for V2V short range communication. Based on the offline mesh topology, not consuming resources of the operator and without requiring allocated infrastructure.

With use of the Flexroad each car will be associated with each traffic lights, road signs and other cars, in addition instantly reporting information about its position. Thus, the usage of Flexroad contributes to a significant change of modern transport systems and security to best. There will appear the following features

- warning about danger of car crash

- traffic optimization

- instant parking payment

- payment for toll roads without the gates

- decrease in flow rate of traffic


– supports communication standard IEEE 802.11p

– low latency during handshake

– flexibility in traffic control

– retrieving data from moving vehicles

– maintenance of toll roads

– surveillance, diagnosis, reporting abnormal situations








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