Wireless bracelets

Author: Pavel Kosenkov

We recently completed the second wave of prototypes of wireless bracelets. The project has already received development, and now our [..]

Upgrade of the cash equipment under the new law terms

Author: Pavel Kosenkov

Hello friends! The command Flexibity is excited to share with You my new success. For many professionals whose job involves [..]

NFC reader, that can do it…

Author: Pavel Kosenkov

We have a very useful keylogger for one device, who suddenly started acting like a real jerk, giving a lot [..]

New Telegram Bot

Author: Pavel Kosenkov

Dear friends! We all know that our pets are part of our family. Sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances and the [..]

Competition of bot developers by Pavel Durov

Author: Pavel Kosenkov

Good news, everyone! This year, Pavel Durov will be giving away one million dollars to bot developers in the form [..]